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Changing or Stopping HIV Treatment | HIV cure

Changing or Stopping HIV Cure

After we start the first step of HIV treatment. We may need to make some changes in your regimen. Reasons for this include Side Effects, Viral load note controlled, Simplifying the regimen, Trouble with adherence

Side effects from HIV Cure

In some cases of HIV Cure, your health care provider can treat side effects without switching your HIV drugs. If the side effects cannot be controlled or are very serious, they may be able to find the drug in your regimen that is causing the problem and switch that drug for another drug. In other cases, especially if it is not clear which drug is causing the problem, the entire regimen may need to be changed.

Viral load not controlled

If your viral load does not come down or starts increasing, it may be time for a change. In this case, your health care provider will check for drug resistance and may change two or three medications at once.

Simplifying the regimen

There may be new formulations or combination pills you can take so you have fewer pills or fewer doses.

Trouble with adherence

If you miss doses of your medications, you can develop resistance to the drugs and they will stop working. Before changing to new medications, talk with your health care provider about adherence. If you have problems sticking to your medication schedule, your health care provider can help you figure out ways to stay on track or find an easier regimen for you to take.

conclusion of HIV cure

Some people want to stop taking their HIV drugs altogether, but stopping or skipping treatment can be very bad for your health. It usually causes an increase in viral load and a drop in CD4 cells. Once HIV treatment is begun, it should not be stopped without speaking to your health care provider. HIV cure is good to try.

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