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One of the most struggling diseases to date is AIDS or the Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Aside from its effects on the human body that attacks the immune system, an unfortunate thing it is for this disease not to have its cure. There have been serious efforts to finally find a cure for AIDS but to no regards.

Having these truths at hand leaves one idea that AIDS cannot be cured. There are just certain drug managements that will help lengthen the life of a person having such disease by slowing down the processes of virus inside the body. The treatment is more of supportive care rather than actually correcting the disease.

It has also been a disease which gathers a lot of controversies which leaves a person rather hesitant to ask for medical advice. But no one should really be jeopardized of life and if it means going out of the open just to lengthen life, then it will be worth it.

At the first doctor’s visit, the patient may be asked of the history of the disease. AIDS can be acquired through sexual contact on an infected person. The virus runs through body fluids which mean that it can be transferred fast.

Having the history of contact is further proved by laboratory tests that a person will be asked to undergo too. These laboratory tests would reveal a decrease on the CD4 cells which is one of the white blood cells commonly accepting the virus. A drop of 500 may mean the presence of such virus in the body already.

Once the medical condition is proven to be positive, treatment may then be started. But, this treatment may not mean cure for AIDS but supportive treatment. The fact that treatment would not actually correct the condition, people may tend to dis agree on undergoing treatment. The cost of going out for treatment may also be challenging as most of the time, it is the emotional field that is clawed by the disease.

Emotional support is one of the courses included in the care of people with AIDS too. The physician might advise the patient to be enrolled in a support group to have some sort of help from those with the same condition. There are also mental health care facilities where the patient may stay to be able to cope up with the changes brought by the disease. Aside from the physical pains that the disease renders, the most dragging thing would be on the emotional aspect that should be adequately addressed too.

AIDS has really no cure as of the moment but there are still a lot of things that a person can do to prolong life. Having AIDS may not be the reason to give up on treatment because there are still a lot to do in terms of supportive care. Refusing treatment may just be a cause to suffer for more. If physical treatment may not be possible to cure the disease itself, emotional support may help relieve emotional hardships.

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