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Cure For Aids

cure for AIDS

Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is a medical condition that is caused by HIV virus. It is a condition that affects the immune system causing the body to be susceptible to agents that may cause complications that is present in the environment. This disease has been gathering a lot of controversies since it can be mainly transferred through sexual contact.

There have been serious studies to finally find cure for AIDS. However, the cure is not yet found. Treatment would only revolve around slowing down the progress of the disease inside the body and strengthening immune system as the cure for AIDS is yet to be discovered.

It is said that the key towards an effective treatment is early detection. Here are the first stage treatments that are not actual cure for AIDS but would help well enough to lengthen the life of a person having such medical condition. These drugs often slows down the progression of the virus thus increasing life span.

During the first earliest time that a person knows about the presence of HIV on the partner having sexual contact with, HIV pills might be prescribed. These pills are also known as the Post Exposure Prophylaxis or PEP. These pills are taken for weeks according to a physician’s advice. There are just some side effects linked with taking this drug like diarrhea, body malaise, nausea, weakness and fatigue. Once exposure is proven positive, blood tests from time to time is required to monitor the effectiveness of the drug and that proper plan of care would be brought out.

For those who have been proven positive with HIV, treatment is focused on slowing down the processes of virus and its power to spread. With this, antiretroviral drugs are prescribed. These drugs might come to be mistaken as the cure for AIDS but what it actually does is to interfere with the processes of the virus to slow down its progression. The side effects of taking PEP might also be evident with this treatment regime with the addition of skin rashes and moodiness. When the affected person is pregnant, birth defects can even be the side effect of taking these types of drugs.

Once the person goes positive for AIDS, the body needs a form of defense. People having AIDS will apparently be more susceptible to diseases. This is why these people are isolated from the community to be able to prevent being inflicted with diseases with causative agents present in the environment. Vitamins play an important role in boosting up the immune system.

The drugs and supplements that are believed to relieve the symptoms of AIDS and slow down the progression of the disease are duly prescribed by a licensed physician. These drugs have strong properties made to really affect the virus so experimenting or self-medicating may never be the best choice. Though the cure for AIDS has never still been discovered yet, these drugs are enough to provide relief to the people suffering from such debilitating disease.

Cure For AIDS