Cure for Aids

cure for aids

Myths of Cure for AIDS

cure for AIDS

AIDS or Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a medical condition which tends to drag down the body’s natural defenses. Human Immuno Deficiency virus causes the presence of such disease. It attacks the immune system which leaves the patient vulnerable to diseases caused by agents present in the environment. Though there have been extensive studies, cure for AIDS have not yet been found. The drugs that patients having such disease take are just supportive drugs to lengthen the life of the patient by slowing down the progression of the virus.

Due to the fact that there is no cure for AIDS, people tend to develop some myths linked with the disease. These myths often cause more harm than help as it provides false hopes on patients having this debilitating disease.

cure for aids found : One most common myth is the belief that the drugs taken could actually be a cure for AIDS. As mentioned earlier, there is still no drug proven to completely treat this medical condition. It is also not true that these drugs would make the patient feel better and that the absence of the disease will be achieved. The truth is, these drugs actually support the body to lengthen its life solely. These may come to be expensive that will hurt your pocket more. Also, the patient will never be free from the side effects that come with the drug. Side effects such as diarrhea, nausea and fatigue are some of the most commonly felt effects of drugs. In some instances, the body may develop skin rashes.

cure for AIDS : hiv rash

Another common myth is that people receiving the treatment will never be able to pass the virus. This is an obvious hoax. Drugs would slow down the progression of virus but it will not actually kill the virus completely. If one is thinking that it would be safe to have sexual intercourse to a person who is under treatment, it is a big myth. The person will still be able to pass the virus through body fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids and blood.

These myths are often causing confusion to patients having AIDS. Once a person has the disease, the safest way to lengthen life aside from taking drugs prescribed by a doctor is by isolating self. It is a proven fact that people having such disease will most likely be susceptible to diseases since the immune system is compromised. Even those who come for a visit may bring with them viruses and bacteria that may directly affect the person with this medical condition.

There is still hope with hiv cure. Though cure for AIDS may never be at hand now, what is more important is that life can still be lengthened. Avoid believing to myths concerning the disease for it will never really do good. In fact, it may even put the people around at risk too. Once AIDS comes, take the prescribed medications and follow the advice of the physician to be able to stay on the safe side. This disease can never be gotten rid of once it comes affecting the body already so there is a need to take matters safely.

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